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Spring at the Farm

Hi everyone! I've been nervous to post about what I've been working on for so long now because I was worried something would fall through with plans and permits, but what I've realized along the way, is that there will always be obstacles that arise and I just have to keep moving forward and working through it all. So with that in mind, I'm throwing superstition out the window, and sharing some updates in this new blog post with many more to follow. I'm committed to making this work, and I know that I will no matter what obstacles come my way.

Spring has arrived at the farm and the last few weeks here we have been busy sowing and caring for spring seedlings, preparing beds for the cutting garden, and designing beautiful floral arrangements for spring bridal showers and celebrations. The tulips and daffodils are just poking through the soil and will be ready for our Spring Flower CSA beginning Saturday, April 16th. The farm shop is coming along and we are excited to announce that we received approval for our new zoning permits, bringing us a step closer to finalizing renovations to our store space which was once an old feed room for the dairy cows. Everything has taken longer than anticipated since this project began in Spring 2020, but I am learning that everything happens for a reason and this has given me time to take some exciting classes in herbology (more on this to come). We do not yet have a firm opening date but we are hoping for early summer and I will keep you all updated here in the meantime. Below are some photos of spring happenings at the farm and progress in our farm shop.

One of our seedling rooms, full of baby flowers, herbs, and vegetables to be planted out now through May.

Barn doors for our shop:

I'll be doing an entire blog post on the renovation, start to finish, sometime in the next few months once we have finished everything. Here are a few snapshots until then.

A photo shoot for new product on our website. Looks fancy but really it was all of my makeshift photography equipment set up in a bedroom in the farm house.

Spring daffodils coming up in the orchard, which will also being growing in size soon.

Warm Regards,


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