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Artisinal handpoured and handcut soaps wrapped in wildflower seed paper.   Made from organic goats milk, olive oil, coconut oil, water, shea butter, lye (sodium hydroxide), and essential oils. Available in three scents, Lavender & Thyme, Juniper & Rose, and Pink Clay  & Yuzu.


Lavender & Thyme: Lavender is calming and Thyme is healing with antibacterial properties.


Juniper & Rose: Juniper has anti-inflammatory properties and rose oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Studies have shown the scent of rose to act as an antidepresseant and to releive nervous tension. 


Pink Clay & Yuzu:  Yuzu is known for its therapuetic citrus frangrance which has been shown to have stress-reducing and mood-boosting properties. It also stimulates collogen production and helps inhibit the formation of  AGE's, making it an effective natural anti-aging ingredient. Pink Clay helps to detoxify skin and increase circulation.

Handcrafted Soap Bar

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