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Peticote Junction is a female owned business founded by Jennifer Pettit. Located on a family-run farm in Southampton, New Jersey. We specialize in growing uncommon heirloom flowers, using organic methods. 



I have started a new chapter in my life. After graduating college, I built a career in fashion and curated a beautiful life in New York City. For fifteen years I lived in the charming West Village and spent summers going out east where I spent time surfing and running. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, and fashion shut down, I found myself on a new road in life.


I moved back to the farm I grew up on in New Jersey to be close to my family during lockdown. While there, I found myself missing my Saturday visits to my local NYC florist and began dreaming of flower fields and childhood memories in my great grandmother’s garden. Coinciding with this, I was helping out at the family veterinary practice (also on the farm) which was busier than ever. I noticed the parking lot was full of cars every day with owners waiting for their pets for up to an hour. A true NYC gal at heart, I thought… “if it were me, I would rather be shopping,” and an idea was born… Peticote Junction. A farm market with fresh cut flowers, like my grandmother used to grow.


In summer of 2020, my mother and father and a few, dear family friends, helped me to plant a flower field of sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias at the farm. I built a farm stand and sold “pick your own flowers.” Seeing the smiles and joy radiating from customers faces convinced me that this little idea has evolved into a journey and a mission to share my love of flowers with as many people as possible.

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